I Can Wait Forever…

Forever – I don’t really think something like this exists. But, I do believe in something that’s eternal.

Forever is too long – eternal is realistic. I am not sure if I am making any sense and if I am – is someone out there who understands, who feel as strongly as I can, who knows what I am talking about without any further explanation?

But, I can wait forever – as the song goes – if you say you’ll be there too…

I am not dedicating this song to anyone in particular – far from that. I just thought that everyone in the world deserves someone who will be there for them – if not forever then eternally.

A friend perhaps, a close relative, a sister, a brother, a best friend…

I can wait forever…too strong a phrase – too hard to understand, too hard to believe. But, despite this – I guess my faith is in place – where it should be.


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