How to Survive the World of What If? | Part 1

(There might not be a part 2 – you know) LOL.

The most painful thing (I guess) in this world is not about regretting what you did but regretting what you did not.

The cold, hard truth of – what if?

Well – let’s face it. We all experience – what ifs.

What if I told him that I love him, would it have made a difference? What if I did not tell my sister I hated her, would she have run off still and be hit by a car? (Morbid – yet some of us had a bit of this reality). What if I did not go away, would our relationship be better? What if I showed her I love her instead of just saying the words, would she have stayed?

Too many – what ifs by people and I lost count already. It’s too hard, too painful to even think about what could’ve been.

In a world where what if is the most common but silent question, how does one survive?

I am no expert – far from it. But, I think I survived too many what ifs in life that I guess I have to give credit to myself where it is due.

Up to date, my what if survival mode goes like this –

Partially, never looking back. Yes, when I am going to make a decision – big or small, I tend to program my brain not to look back but it is just partial – confused? I am going to try and explain and hoping that my painful fingers will cope up.

When I say it’s partial, it means that I do look back on that decision – BUT I do not dwell. If my decision was right, it is obvious that I look back and say – see? However, when my decision is wrong, I do look back and learn – so I don’t dwell. I move forward.

Some people had it worse. I always think that some people had it worse. So, whenever I am faced with a “tiny feeling of regret” for what I did not do, I tell the voices in my head (oops – I am not psychiatric) that some people had it worse and I am still lucky.

Positivity helped me in more ways than I can imagine. In fact, it is what has me survived all these years. But, I do not marvel the fact that some people experienced much worse than I do. I empathize and just think that despite what I am going through I am still lucky.

You might want to give that a try.

Since my brain could not handle my chain of thoughts right now, let me update my survival tips in the world of what ifs some time later.

My lupus infested brain is turning sluggish…full time-out is due. 🙂


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