How to Survive the World of What Ifs? | Part 2

If you want to read Part 1 – CLICK HERE. (Oh where did I learn that?)

I don’t know how many parts this is though…

So, I covered two in my previous post. Now, I will try to cover more with my survival guide in the world of what ifs.

First off, I always think that change is the only thing constant. Touché! If I think that change is the only thing constant then I would never dwell on what could’ve been since I won’t ever going to step on the same running water twice, right?

It is extremely futile. On the other hand, if I always think – what if I told my mom and dad that I am already in unbearable pain, would they be able to do anything apart from the usual – take pain meds or shall we call the doctor, thingy?

Nope, change – everything changes. What you think now wouldn’t be the same thought later. And, I do hope you understand what I mean. Sometimes, my chain of thoughts go awfully fast than what my mind can actually process.

Second, living in a what-if is like leaving a footprint on a stone – don’t you think? (Credit to the person whose photo inspired me – I do not know where I saw it though, too bad but thank you).

I guess this is pretty much self-explanatory. You cannot simply leave a footprint on a stone – you just can’t. So, if you live in a what-if, you are living in the impossibility of turning back time. It is one thing to regret what you did – I know this is already hard. But, it is another thing to regret what you did not do at the time – this is twice as hard. However, dwelling on it won’t make a difference.

As I have said, change is constant and when it is it means that you still have too many opportunities left tomorrow or in the near future.

Third, live each day at a time. To survive the world of what ifs, you need to live today – here and now. Think not about the past. Worry not about the future. The past is already done. The future is yet to be done. Today – here and now, is in your hands – well of course with Divine Intervention (regardless of what you believed in – I do believe in a Higher Power governing our actions and destiny).

Your choices and decisions today must reflect what is in your heart. Grab what you can grab – for as long as you think both with your mind and heart.

I always think that when the mind AND heart achieves harmony – that’s the only time I grab an opportunity. How do I know? It is when there is no cloud of doubt hovering above me. I don’t know but when I am in doubt – I usually get trouble sleeping, get tachycardia (you know like anxious-type-of-fast-heartbeat) and get supah-dupah uncomfortable.

Fourth, accept and move on. Unresolved issues – I believe – are the root of all indifferences and misunderstanding. If you cannot accept and move on, your mind and heart will continue to dwell on what could’ve been. Definitely – not healthy!

So, that’s it – the part 2. If I can think of more, I’d probably have a part 3 ha-ha.


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