Would You Believe in…?

SerendipityEverything is uncertain in this world – in as much as change is the only thing constant. But, would you believe in serendipity?

Let me define what serendipity is:

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Serendipity: (noun): The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also: an instance of this

If it is any consolation, the word was first used in 1754.

I believe such a thing exist because I believe that everything is uncertain – if that makes any sense.

Let me put it this way:

Sometime in late July 2013, I had experienced serendipity first hand. I did not seek something agreeable – in fact it was too agreeable to even believe that it’s true in the first place. It wasn’t valuable at first glance but it became too valuable later. I cannot go into details.

But the point is, serendipity is about the finding, discovering, uncovering or unraveling things, persons or circumstances that prove to be pleasing, agreeable or valuable. Perhaps, at first glance, it won’t look much, it won’t feel much and it won’t present itself as valuable much not to let go.

For me, I discovered something that I cannot let go – not in this entire lifetime. It became a passion – something to love for the rest of the time I have left (but I do wish I’d reach 60 ha-ha).

If serendipity is not true, what do you make of an experience that is too uncertain to be certain? What do you make of something you did not seek but you found? What do you make of an instance that just came – and without second thought, it became an instance to remember in a lifetime?

Maybe, I am just a hopeless emotional but thinking fool. But I do believe in the uncertainty of things – and that something is bound to happen – all for the good reasons. That, SOMEONE is controlling our fate, destiny or whatever it is called.

Would you believe in serendipity?

– @, 2013:

For thy love, I shall endure. For thy faithfulness, I shall believe. For thy care, I shall remain courageous.

– @, 2014:

For the rest of the time I have left, I dedicate to thee.


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