How to Radiate Sunshine into People’s Lives

Have you ever wondered whether you can touch people’s lives and make a big difference? Well, you don’t have to go BIG TIME – sometimes in simplicity you can make people’s lives easier and more convenient.

Radiating sunshine to other people's lives
Radiating sunshine to other people’s lives

Imagine – you walk down the road and you plastered a smile to your face every time you meet other people. Your smile gets into their hearts and almost immediately (without you knowing it, of course) it had a calming effect. Now, how would you describe the feeling if they let you know how your smile made them feel or think about life itself?

You’d feel ecstatic – just imagining it. (Well, this is my POV so I’d really feel ecstatic if they’d tell me how my 🙂 affects them).

So, how can you radiate sunshine into other people’s lives (without the necessity of being rich, beautiful/handsome and popular)?

Give them a sense of security. But, before you can radiate this security – you have to make sure you don’t have insecurities in you. You should know that it is not about the looks or the wealth and neither is it about position or achievement. In order for you to reach others, you have to find this security in you. This way, you can interact with them better and in a genuine manner.

Always be true. Reaching out to people entails being honest and true – not only to them but to yourself, as well. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Cliché, isn’t it? But, it is the truth and sometimes a simple truth can be hard. For you to empathize with people, you have to make sure you’re not worried they cannot accept you.

Judge not what they do. Judgmental people only have judgmental friends. Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others do unto you. Even though you plaster a smile to your face but your heart is judgmental, you cannot reach out to people because you lack empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand others without reservations and conditions (again, just my opinion).

Positivity negates life’s challenges. To reach out people, you have to always stay on the positive side. Even if you’re going through life’s extra challenges, staying positive radiates like sunshine – a huge indestructible foundation. If you truly want people to flock around your sunshine, don’t invite negative vibes. Smile and be genuine like there’s no tomorrow.

Do not enter into any form of competition. Life is never a competition. In fact, it is far from that. You were not born to compete with anyone. As I have said, it is not about the wealth, the looks, the popularity or the achievements. It is ABOUT camaraderie – a sense of belongingness. It is about having the ability to understand and create relationships that goes beyond just superficial.

Allow them to respond. If you want to touch people’s lives, you have to accept that you are giving them the power to “open you up.” If you don’t open up, you cannot create deeper relationships. Therefore, you have to go out of your shell. Staying in will only suffocate you and people will misunderstand you much more.

Be genuinely interested in their lives. If you interact with people, they have to know you’re on their side – not against. You cannot develop lasting relationships if you cannot converse beyond “politeness.”

Marvel life’s simplicity. A pat in the back. A caring text message. A smile. A hug. A kiss. These are all life’s sweet simplicity. If you cannot appreciate these things, you are not worthy being given life’s BIG things. Remember, you can only accept as much as you’d like to give.

Stay on the grid. With technology, staying on the grid becomes extremely easy. Emails, text messaging and social networking allows you to keep in touch almost all the time.

Like people and appreciate the sunshine they bring to you. Radiating your sunshine means you’ve accepted the fact that other people are also radiating sunshine to you. Genuine accept this and you’re on your way to winning friends.

I am not saying I’ve mastered everything I included in this list. I am not an expert and I am still on the way to perfect the imperfect. I have flaws I needed to work around with.

But despite this, I strive hard and by striving hard – I mean I like creating relationships that are built to last.

Can you handle the pressure? 🙂


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