Carpe Diem | Today I Choose to Be Happy

I believe happiness is a choice. It is not given.

Seize the Day | Carpe Diem
Seize the Day | Carpe Diem

I don’t believe someone can actually give me happiness. It is about finding it inside myself. I cannot be truly happy if I have reservations or inhibitions. I can never be truly happy if I care what others say about me. I can never have happiness if I allow other people to control what I think, feel or do.

Social issues never run out – time is. In fact, it has been like this since time immemorial. People, in general, bring up issues that aren’t really there not because it is the truth but because it is what they see and if you’re like me – you can see there is a big difference.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve heard rumors that aren’t really true? Do you entertain such rumors? Or, would you rather walk away from this negativity and look at life differently?

I am NOT most people. I choose to be happy because I just want to be happy. Entertaining rumors – proven or otherwise – will not bring me inner peace.

People talk – let them.

You’re not growing young. We all are undeniably growing old. If you choose to live by the rules all the time and not dare take risks, you’re on the losing end. You’re letting others control what life brings to you. Sometimes going with the flow gives you a much deserved freedom that everybody’s entitled to.

If you want to be happy today, you have to let go of inner negativity. Don’t look for happiness elsewhere. Instead, look inside of you and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

It is not people or things that can bring you happiness. It is within you. Set your mind to be happy and you will – 100% guaranteed. Don’t let negative thoughts, feelings, people or ideas get under your skin. Walk away from these and you’re going to have inner peace like no other.

I would miss out on life’s opportunities if I don’t seize this day and choose to be happy.

So, today I choose to be happy, would you?


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