Goal Setting | Just Aim Too High You’ll Never be Able to Achieve It

Just aim for that goal
Just aim for that goal

A lot of times, I am confronted with the thought of “maybe I’m just dreaming” or “maybe I am just aiming too high.” And, many of these times, I get discouraged from achieving that dream because it is farfetched or extremely hard to achieve.

But then today I learned one thing – the goal is not about achieving that dream. It is about the hard work and effort that really counts.

If you set a goal that’s too low and you’re 100% sure to get it, there is no glory in that. Personally, I don’t even consider that as a goal but just a matter of mindset.

If you’re aiming too high, on the other hand, with minimal to 70% chance of achieving it, the struggle and the effort is already a goal attained. How wonderful it would be to achieve what you’ve set if you’ve worked hard for it?

So, today I must:

  1.      Have a goal. It doesn’t matter what just as long as I will strive hard to achieve it. I think I am already starting to do that now. 🙂
  2.      Not let the limitations restrict me from doing what I love or achieving what I want. As a person, I believe that we all have infinite potential of “becoming” (you supply the rest). It isn’t what other people say about the improbability of your goal that’s stopping you. But, you are. So, I’m going to just go and reach for it.
  3.      Expect failure. Oh, yes – I must. Imagine I am going to reach for something too high that the improbability of not reaching it is also too high. But, it doesn’t matter how many times I fail. What matters the most is how many times I stood up after every failure and how much hope I have in my heart that I will achieve my goal.
  4.      Focus on what I learn in the process. The goal is there for me to reach but it is the process of reaching it that teaches me what life is really all about.

Are you with me on this? 🙂


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