It’s not that I Don’t Need You | I Just Don’t See Why

Gentle as the flowing water
Gentle as the flowing water

Uh-oh, there goes the title. I don’t mean I need anyone or that I could live on my own. It’s far from that. In fact, I want to surround my world with people who are emotionally whole so I don’t need to “think that it’s my responsibility to fill them up.”

It’s not that I don’t need you – I just don’t see why.

The reason this post is titled as it is – I don’t see why I should need anyone if I already am emotionally self-sufficient. I don’t look to anyone or at anything thinking that they can give me the happiness that I need. I don’t need to look outside because happiness is within me.

There is no reason for me to blame anyone for my unhappiness if I already know that it’s within me and I need to fix it myself.

I’d rather radiate this happiness within me to other people so I can be a worthy recipient of their sunshine.

I wonder whether people feel that I don’t need them. My apologies but it’s not that I don’t need you – I just don’t see why I should need you if I’m the only one who can fix my own problem, mind my own business, be self-sufficient and be emotionally whole.

I believe the root cause of disappointments in life is being emotionally needy when in fact you already have everything – in your mind and heart.

So, what can you do to ease up on the disappointments, frustrations and resentments?

  • Learn to appreciate what you already have
  • Look inside yourself and see that you’re already whole
  • Failure is just routine check that you’re human
  • What other people say about you don’t matter
  • What matters is what you think about yourself
  • The goal is not achieving that goal but in striving to achieve the goal
  • Be contented
  • Look within yourself for your happiness
  • Others can only give you as much
  • Be carefree

If you say you don’t need me, I promise I won’t get offended. Instead, I’d look to you and proudly say that you’re like me – emotionally whole enough to create your own happiness.


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