Quote for the Day

 “Active Evil is Better than Passive Good” – William Blake

I am not advocating “evilness” here. I just thought this quote hits just right for what is currently happening in our society. Again, I am no expert when it comes to societal views. I just think that things would be better if people just show what they needed to show with no pretentions.

I admit I am guilty of pretense – especially when I’d pretend that I’m fine even when I clearly am not. But, I think this is of a lesser version of pretense; a negligible act.

What I mean is the higher forms of pretense – like pretending to be someone you’re not.

The quote says “active evil is better than passive good.” If you’re good but does nothing to make the world a better place, what value can you get from that? What good can it do? If you have sympathy in your heart but does nothing about it, what good can it give the world?

It is like seeing a beggar with no food to eat – you look at him, sympathize then walk away as if it was just a fleeting moment. I am not saying all of us should give food or alms to beggars. In fact, as you would notice, it is not by these things alone that we can help. Sometimes, a smile or a pat in the back is all people need.

Passive good is not good but being active evil is better – which IMHO is something that’s clearly seen. If people see you’re evil, they see you as no-good and has no room in society. But, there is not much difference that can be said about passive good, isn’t it? You’re good but you don’t do anything.

There are many people who claim they are good enough or righteous enough but their deeds speak otherwise. What good is a heart if you’re not going to use it? What good is your mind if you’re too scared to choose between active and passive?

However, who am I to preach? Just like the rest of the world, I am still on the process of making a difference. All I do is write and I don’t know if these words reaches people – if they reach them at all. I just hope that one day I’d be leaving a wonderful legacy so I can proudly say – that my simple smile has touched thousands of lives. 🙂


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