Exploring the Steps towards Inner Peace | Step 2

We’re done with the first step towards achieving inner peace. Here’s Step 1.

So, let’s proceed with the Step 2.


I fail in this step miserably. LOL. Well, it’s sometimes. Other times, I can see beauty and appreciate things I have.

I found this quote from Socrates: “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

This generally speaks about appreciating.

Most of us say: “I want this.” “I want that.” “I need this.” “I need that.”

And yet, we don’t take time appreciating the little or big things that are already in our hands.

Life is not all about wanting or needing. It is about appreciating and being contented for things that we already have. If we cannot appreciate or be content with what we have, we might lose them someday and realize that they are actually the things that really matter.

However, reality bites – man’s nature is always wanting even though he already achieved the thing he said he “wanted the most.”

But to achieve inner peace, we must conquer this wanting and replace it with appreciation and contentment. We are already complete – what we need is our totality and nothing more.


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