Exploring the Steps towards Inner Peace | Step 6

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The sixth step is: ENJOY EACH MOMENT

Enjoying each moment as it comes is equivalent to saying that we have to “live one day at a time”, “here and now” and “appreciate things daily.”

To achieve inner peace, one must be able to enjoy each moment – to capture each minute in our memory.

Enjoying each moment and living one day at a time may be hard. But, I must say – at the very least – I have attained some of it. (One of the perks of being sick – I guess – is the hard realization slapped at you that you’re not invincible).

But, it doesn’t only apply to sick people. All of us and I mean – ALL OF US – must realize that we are not invincible. We are all going down that road. Some of us go ahead while some of us are lucky enough to stay a while. However, the fact remains – we are all going there.

When are we going to prepare? When are we going to realize things? When are we going to appreciate what we already have on a daily basis?

Tomorrow? The next day? The next week? Next month? Next year?

Nobody knows and nobody can know when we are all going.

The answer is NOW.

Live today! Enjoy today and smile despite all challenges and hardships. The challenges and hardships are all consistent part of our lives. Why would we allow it to govern and control us?

Let’s start living shall we? 🙂


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