40 Days without Facebook

From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, I was able to handle all these days without Facebook. It was the least I could do. Although, Facebook isn’t really something that’s important to me. I just check it once in a while – read posts – get mad at stupid statuses and laugh at silly ones.

I realized Facebook isn’t so special. I mean, I can live without one.

I also realized that true friends will remain to keep in touch with or without FB. Not that someone DID keep in touch with me all 40 days. In fact, it is EMBARRASSING to admit that no one had kept in touch like you know really call or text just for the sake of keeping in touch.

There is a big difference between sending forwarded messages and actually keeping in touch. Many had forwarded messages but I mean all 40 days no one had really kept in touch. So… I don’t want to sound depressed or begging for attention here. I just thought that with or without FB, the people who truly want to stay in your life will – no questions asked, no doubts, no – nothing – they will be there no matter what.

I am not depressed. LOL. It was just a realization that even if I stay out of FB for the rest of my life left I LOSE NOTHING special. 🙂


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