The Euphemism of not Having Enough Time

Constant rushing about life and running out of time.
Constant rushing about life and running out of time.

Can time be enough? Can you give someone more time? Can time be something that you can quantify just by seconds, minutes or hours?

I guess not.

Every day, people are rushing about trying to make things better than yesterday – piles of work, a lot of people to keep in touch to, a lot of articles to write, deadlines to beat, household chores to complete and a lot more.

Not having enough time is just a euphemism of – “Sorry, you didn’t make it to the top of my list.”

I am guilty of this.

I often tell people “Sorry, I don’t have time.” When I actually mean, “it’s the least of my concerns right now I can’t make it.”

We all have choices.

We make them on a daily basis so I don’t believe when people say “I don’t have a choice.” You have a choice, you just didn’t make one that people expected you to. Well, it’s still a choice, isn’t it?

Our choices on a daily basis allowed us to select which ones to do. It is like a To-Do list. You list down the things you needed to do and #1 being the top priority. You do the #1 hoping to get to #2 but when you can’t finish #1 obviously you can’t get to #2 – unless you multi-task like me and end up not finishing anything at all. Ha-ha!

We have time for everything. We never run out of time unless it is about racing death we’re talking about. Time is infinite. Our choices aren’t.

Having not enough time for something just means you’ve prioritized something else.

How much spare time do you spend on Facebook and Twitter? What is that but “TIME,” too?

It is like – “I don’t have time to text you but I have time checking out my Facebook.”


“I don’t have time to call you but I have time going out to bars and dine out with my friends.”

I hope I am not doing this on the extreme. I try so hard to give time to everything – that’s why I multitask. Only, I end up non-productive because I finish nothing. (On second thought, multi-tasking has helped me with article writing so I guess there’s a positive side to it)

Anyway, hope ya’ll have a good time! 🙂 Let’s rock life.


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