Laughter Fights Depression

Yeah, I admit – depression is a constant struggle for me. It has been since July 19, 2002. I guess you know why but in the midst of depression I found one powerful weapon and it is called –


What is laughter for me?

Laughter is like –

  • Alcohol: Since I don’t drink alcohol, I would compare laughter as my own brand of alcohol. It helps me to sleep and even though it doesn’t take away the pain or it doesn’t make the problem go away at least it helps me take my mind off the pressing matters of life.
  • Cigarette: While others are addicted to cigarette, I am addicted to laughter. It helps in more ways than majority of the general population can imagine.
  • Drug: It keeps me high. Regardless of how superficial the reason of the source of laughter is, I laugh and I laugh hard like there’s no tomorrow. It takes me to new heights and it seems that I can’t stop.

It is a morbid analogy. But my point is – I don’t get why there are people wasting their lives on these three things while there are some of us struggling toĀ breath,Ā struggling toĀ thinkĀ and most of all struggling to beĀ alive.

For me, laughter is not the best medicine. It is the ONLY medicine. It may sound crazy but it worked just fine for me.

NSAIDs – Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: These don’t work anymore. No matter how high the dose may be – I am still in pain and my doctor has no choice.

Well, I have a choice – GIVE UP or MOVE ON. I REFUSE to give up so I’ll move on. Laughter is my alternative.

And yes, I laugh even if I’m all alone. Whenever I see a very funny picture or read an extremely hilarious joke, I laugh and I don’t mind whoever watches me. In fact, I don’t care. It’s my regular dose of drug so if anyone does not understand – it’s not my problem. šŸ™‚

So, laugh, live, love, pray – 3LP – These are the things that made moving on possible.


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