Adapting to New Environment

Since I started school again, adapting has been a continuous struggle daily, including –

* waking up early

* doing personal hygiene as early as 5 AM

* make sure that the kids are awake before I go out of the house (because, you know I don’t want my kids to grow without my “presence” so I make sure I’m a mother first and a student second)

It is a constant struggle mainly  because I have to juggle everything and manage time accordingly. I have to be a mother, who has to work. I have to be a student, who has to study. And, I have to be me, who has to take things slow and – “not stressful” as possible.

STRESS is the ENEMY of SLE – and of everybody else.

But, there is use to all of that – I know nothing is sweeter than attaining your goal with lots and lots of hard work.

So, I’m just going to hang in here and make sure I do best. God Bless me…:-)


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