The Stress of Sending Myself to School

College of Medicine – Cool 🙂

Working and earning salary – Cool 🙂

Combine the two: College of Medicine + Work = Working Student = STRESS! 😦

PRELIMS is over and I have experienced a few down moments. (And, when I say down moments, I say financially, physically and emotionally exhausted). Depends on how you look at it – but I choose to look at it in a positive light.

I am still working and so far – I am still the average student that I was. I don’t know my class standing. I am definitely not among the top but absolutely not at the bottom top.

Well anyways, I’m still alive and kicking. I am still juggling between studying and working at the same time. It’s hard. It’s definitely hard to work while going to school and Medicine is not something you should be taking lightly.

But, I know, in God’s perfect timing and Grace, He will direct Me to a path – not free from hardships but tolerable and manageable through His given strength.

So, help me God. 🙂


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