My Perfect Holidays

Well, I began the usual holiday season with my family around and serving the church. However, fate has brought me to find three persons who have now become very important to me.

We were perfect compliments of each other. “One, too innocent. One, subtly modern. One, a clown. And one, seemingly loving affection most of the time.” (According to the one subtly modern gal I was with).

I went with them on Christmas day. It was only that time that I got close with them. We have no prior meet ups and we have no prior conversations. Fate brought us together or perhaps Someone Higher brought us together.

It was perfect in the sense that we went out and had fun without spending a dime. It was a simple yet very memorable celebration and the only thing that’s evident was the fact that we laughed hard, almost uncontrollably when we were together.

Then on the New Year, part two of this fated reunion came and it was unforgettable, again. January First and it was also a “first”. It was dangerous and risky but full of adventure for me.

It boils down to one thing: my experience this holiday season was one that I would never trade for anything. It made me feel alive and able to do things I wasn’t able to do before. The people I am with cared enough for me to let me experience these things without getting angry at me or scolding me. They were just at my back smiling and supporting me even if things went somewhat haywire.

I just wanted to live as normal as possible. I just wanted people to treat me as normal as possible without telling me “hey, that’s forbidden” “don’t eat that” “don’t drink that” etc, etc. And, these people who I just be with on the holidays made me realize there are things I still need to do and feel.

I was FREE.

If you happen to be reading this guys, thank you from the deepest of my hypothalamus.


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