Gift Messages My Friends Gave to Me

Jaki! Labyu wild cat!! Hahaha.. Thank you so much for the friendship. You are a blessing to me. I am always here for you even if you always have tantrums! Haha (labyu wild cat. Thank you sa friendship jud.. Blessing ka jud sa akoa.. Naa lang ko dire always for you maski magsige ka TANTRUMS! Haha)

– Franz

As you take a glance, by chance on your Christmas tree. I hope you’ll remember me as this violaceous flower dance along the decors, along the flickering lights and the embracing cold nights.

You and just like this present are soft yet transparent. A lady, that would represent a life of struggle. But will fight till the end “never break and never bend.” Yes, it is you my dear friend! Living life to the fullest.

So, something crazy? Crazy is not wearing one of these gifts on Mondays or Thursdays.”

– Frece

Simple gifts, simple things, yet full of meaning.

Thank God for the gift of friends.


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