Goodbye Green, Hello Yellow

Goodbye Green – Freshmen Year

Hello Yellow – Sophomore Year

Yes, I finally said my goodbye to green and I welcomed my second year as medicine student with a big embrace. After all, I deserved it, right?

It’s August and going mid-semester already – the struggle is piling and the pages to read are accumulating. Oh well, this is what I signed up for and I should function even under extreme stress. That’s what being a doctor (a future one that is) really means.

Before I became a sophomore, I enjoyed life with friends and family. I tried living each day at a time – as if it is my last because I had limited time before classes starts. I know I would be busy when classes begin and yes – they would be busy as well.

One thing I’ve learned – having a circle of friends in med school is VERY IMPORTANT. It lifts you up. I brings you sheer joy despite the stress.

Family is important, too!

So, for all med students out there. My shout-outs for you! Do not ever forget every single friend and family you have. After all, they are your core foundation!

Peace out…study mode! 🙂


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