Trauma and Life

Vehicular accidents. They happen. And, just like anything else, they are real.

It hits you sometimes mildly but sometimes hit you extremely that you’re in danger of losing not only limbs or senses but your life.

Despite this danger, nobody has ever vowed not to ride vehicles anymore. After all, vehicles are our indispensable commodity. It cannot be denied that we need it so we can go from one place to another.

How do we prevent vehicular accidents?

1. Wear proper protective gear (for motorcycle riders)
2. Wear helmet
3. Follow traffic rules
4. Don’t ever drink and drive
5. Fasten your seat belts
6. Stop, look and listen
7. Never use mobile phones while driving

Finally, do not forget to whisper a prayer as you ride your vehicle for angels to come and protect you.

Believe me, even a defensive driver like me can get into accidents, which could jeopardize a limb or two. Luckily, mine was just an open wound – nothing really serious.


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