More than You Probably Know

I had this friend who keeps lying. He lies about just anything. But, what I hated the most was that he lies about how he really feels.

He is my best friend. He tells me it is awkward for him to hear from me that I love him. I told him that I rarely hide the feelings that I meant and I won’t hesitate to show what I feel because I know that life is too short. I want the people I love to know I love them before it’s too late. Life sometimes play extreme jokes to you and before you know it the next moment’s already gone.

The next days, he tells me “I love you” in another language and even if I find it cute, I really find it somewhat irritating. He is my best friend, why can’t he just tell me how he feels in the same way that I do?

Why should he use another language that I have to use world’s greatest library for me to understand?

Sigh, but anyways, I am glad that he tells me he loves me even in another language. That’ the first step.

It’s my mission to make him human! (Evil laugh)

But, I do love him like my own flesh and blood. 🙂

Peace out!


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