If I Chose To


People tend to hide who they are for fear of a lot of things –

– rejection
– being misunderstood
– being hurt
– being left behind

They are afraid that if they open up, the person will immediately hurt them or perhaps they are afraid that the person will only leave them behind.

I know a certain person who does not open up because he is afraid of pain, of being hurt and being left behind. And, I will show him that as long as I am alive, he will never feel like that ever again.

Friendship is loyalty. The one that you are ready to take risks for because you know and you trust the person.

I cannot protect him from pain or whatever life throws at him but I promise that I will be there giving him a good boost of confidence and support.

I will be his smile when all he wants to do is cry.

I will be his sun when the world turns dark.

I will be a candle when the night swallows his daylight.

I am and will be his best friend even if to him I am just another ordinary girl.


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