The Seen Zone

Have you ever been into the seen zone? Oh yes I have countless times.

Sometimes, I don’t expect anything anymore so I won’t get hurt but still the “seen zone” is probably the most pitiful encounter anyone can have.

It’s like you’re excited about something and because you have no one on sight to talk to you go to messengers and the likes to tell this exciting thing only to be “seen zone”.

How hard can it get for people to reply – yeah? Well, that’s great… or… Yeah sure, will do… or wow, awesome…take care alright?

But sometimes, seen zone is a blessing. It just teaches you that you’re not that important of a person to be given a fraction of a time for a simple reply.

It hurts, yes. But, at least the pain is real rather than having people fake their feelings on you. Time to get super real.

Time to build walls and burn bridges.


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