The Unpopular Heartthrob

He’s not tall. He’s not that handsome. He sometimes does things clumsily. He is not a smooth talker and he never does things to sweep girls off their feet just by looking at them. In fact, he rarely looks at people especially girls because he feels awkward like an introvert that he is.

To an onlooker, he may seem so awkward and clumsy-looking. To me, he’s the most beautiful masterpiece.

The way he speaks his mind reminds me of the introvert that I am. The way he bares his soul slowly, peel by peel, reminds me of the way I am.

I love him?

Yes, I do like he’s the twin of my soul. I do like I can never replace him when he goes away. I do like I will feel empty when he’s gone.

He’s not my ordinary guy but he will never know. He must not know. He’s my best friend. It shall remain that way.

– //excerpt from the book I’ll never write//


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