Pieces of Puzzle



Pre-empted lifecycle…

My life is like pieces of a puzzle and I am tired. I am sick and tired of trying to get the pieces so I get the whole picture. I am tired of trying to read between the lines; of the unknown; of the uncertainty…

I just come to the point where I want to know at least some facts and operate from there. I do not want to read actions. I am tired of all the assumptions.

For me, if something is unknown – I’d rather wait until I know it for a fact. Until then, I would not give anything any meaning or else my mind would go haywire.

If someone wants me to know something, they have to say it. Otherwise, he/she should not expect any reaction from me. It is not being dense I guess but just being realistic. I am now on a point where I like to operate based on facts and not some kind of “fate, unknown, destiny, abstract thinking”. Seriously, I already think too much in med school. I’d rather not think too much on things that are circumstantial.


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