The Right to Life


A lot may be asking that the people should give respect to human rights – rights to life and etc. etc. And yes, I respect the rights of people to life myself since I don’t really kill people or throw the first stones at them – criminals – or pass judgment on them.

But, theoretically, since when did these criminals ever respected the same?

Since when did these criminals ever thought about: “Hey before I kill/rape you, is there anything you know or do that might prevent us from killing/raping you – any witnesses on your behalf – whatever?

OR –

“Hey wait, before I steal the money from the taxes of people, did the people in remote areas have food, shelter, clothing or medicines at their disposal?”

People I know would say that I am not updated with the current events or whatever that’s happening in the world. Well, why should I worry about everything when I already have enough worries in my plate? I’d rather work for my future and that of my family’s. I’d rather study so I won’t fear failing and I’d rather do what I can now with whatever I can for the people I deal with and meet on a daily basis than get caught up in the wildfire that has been consuming people from all sides?

Right to life, you say?

Then, when will you realize that peace and prosperity starts with ourselves and not with whatever government we elect? When will you realize that politics and religion will never mix like water and oil?

Give Caesar what is due to Caesar and give John what is due to John – or so I believed this is how it goes (I am neither an expert of politics nor an expert in religion – but I’m just too tired to care).

What I can do now VERSUS what I can do in the future.

I’ll say I’ll do the best of what I can now and let the future worry itself.

Right to life – means IMHO – a state where you’re not afraid of any punishment because you’ve been good and law abiding.

Everyone dies eventually, after all.


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