Bleeding Red

Everybody bleeds
Countless hearts trapped in endless agony
Mine – battered, broken, stitched back up
Lips, sealed; can’t quite keep up

I sit and stare for too long
Despair eating me whole
Nothing is fair; nothing is just
rarely wanting the same thing – the mind and heart

But, I do

They are in complete harmony
Wanting something they can never have
Such as calling your world as mine
For in your world, I don’t exist
Your smile quite captivating but can’t resist

Perhaps, as troubling as it may be,
I exist only as a friend
even when for me,
it’s just play pretend

Still I chose you,
I’ll choose you
This time.

You don’t know how much I want to freeze time
You don’t know how I ache to learn that
“to love is to gain”
and not “to love is to be broken.”

I won’t ask why
for I know nothing but to believe
that there’s a choice you’ve already made.


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