Nobody Will Ever Understand

As an SLE patient, it’s safe to say that nobody will ever understand how I feel. The physical toll of the disease. The emotional toll of trying to pretend everything’s going to be okay. The spiritual battle of believing there is a higher purpose to my suffering. The only encouragement that never fails to remind me is the knowledge that my suffering is nothing compared to how Jesus suffered and died on the cross for you and for me.

And so, I lead on – continuing to fight this battle although at times I do not know what I am fighting for or with for that matter.

But soon! When I am done with my school and I can become a physician, no patient of mine will ever undergo the same mental anguish like I do. They will never feel as if nobody understands because I will and I do. Nobody understands them better than their fellow patient.

So, help me God.

P. S. My doctor is awesome. As long as I tell him honestly how I feel, he goes out of his way to take care of me and makes me feel like I am understood even when I know he hardly does. He is my doctor for almost 16 years. 🙂 🤗


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