I am both a nobody and somebody.

I like walking or driving a bike under the rain especially when I am crying. Why? Nobody knows – I am really crying. The tears just flow along the rain.

But at times when I can walk or drive under the rain, I just love the sound of it falling on the rooftop and I love how it falls from the sky.

Sounds touche…

I like writing in as much as I like reading.

These are the things that a lupus patient like me can do – no fancy restaurants to go, no extreme adventures and no regular weekend escapades. But, it does not limit my imagination – to go places I have never been, to know people I have never met, to observe things closely under my own microscope and to feel the things most people ignore.

Yes, this is me.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your website. I have read everything here. Wow, so impressed with you. I always have been but I had no idea on a lot of things in your life. We have been “friends” for a few years now and hope to continue. You are a sweet girl, please keep fighting.

    1. I just realized I wasn’t able to reply to your comment Pops! 🙂 We will continue to be friends and who knows we will be able to meet you and your family Pops! Take care always.

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