Goodbye Green, Hello Yellow

Goodbye Green – Freshmen Year

Hello Yellow – Sophomore Year

Yes, I finally said my goodbye to green and I welcomed my second year as medicine student with a big embrace. After all, I deserved it, right?

It’s August and going mid-semester already – the struggle is piling and the pages to read are accumulating. Oh well, this is what I signed up for and I should function even under extreme stress. That’s what being a doctor (a future one that is) really means.

Before I became a sophomore, I enjoyed life with friends and family. I tried living each day at a time – as if it is my last because I had limited time before classes starts. I know I would be busy when classes begin and yes – they would be busy as well.

One thing I’ve learned – having a circle of friends in med school is VERY IMPORTANT. It lifts you up. I brings you sheer joy despite the stress.

Family is important, too!

So, for all med students out there. My shout-outs for you! Do not ever forget every single friend and family you have. After all, they are your core foundation!

Peace out…study mode! :-)

Colors and Shades


Colors make the world brighter, happier and amazing to look at. It is amazing how with a combination of two colors, one would come up with a different one.

I think the happiest of all colors is red but also strong and bold. It is my favorite after all. I find the color strangely magnetizing like it pulls me towards it. So if I was magnetized, perhaps my innate color is the complete opposite of red? That I would not know.

Life is just like colors. There are certain colors that you wear on different occasions or mood. There are colors you find really undesirable but the point is it reflects who you are inside and what your moods are depending on the color choice you make.

That’s me.

24 hσur dutч wíth mч ѕσn

mч ѕσn íѕ ѕíck αnd í hαvє tσ вє σn mч tσєѕ 24 hσurѕ вєcαuѕє hє hαѕ íntєrmíttєnt fєvєr αnd αѕthmα αttαck (cσugh vαríαnt). í hαvє tσ вє вσth α nurѕє αnd dσctσr ѕσ hє wíll rєcσvєr fαѕt.

í dσ nσt mínd mч σwn ѕítuαtíσn rєgαrdlєѕѕ whєthєr í αm ѕíck tσσ σr nσt. αll í cαrє αвσut íѕ híѕ σwn wєll-вєíng.

mч чσungєѕt dαughtєr hαd cσnjunctívítíѕ tσσ αnd í αm cσnѕtαntlч prαчíng thαt nσthíng ѕєríσuѕ wíll єvєr hαppєn tσ thєm gívєn thє cσmmσn dєnguє cσndítíσn ín σur αrєα. thíѕ íѕ thє rєαѕσn whч í αm mσnítσríng thєír cσndítíσnѕ wєll.

í dσ nσt mínd α fєw hσurѕ σf ѕlєєp. ít íѕ nσt dєprívαtíσn вut α dutч αѕ α mσthєr – ѕσσn tσ вє α dσctσr. ít íѕ nσt thαt í dσ nσt cαrє αвσut mчѕєlf. ít íѕ juѕt thαt í hαvє tσ príσrítízє thєír nєєdѕ. αftєr αll, íf í αm gσíng tσ вє α dσctσr σnє dαч, thє pαtíєnt’ѕ wєll-вєíng wíll αlwαчѕ вєσn tσp σf mч príσrítч. вut thíѕ tímє, mч fαmílч cσmєѕ fírѕt.

mч mσthєr hαd tσ undєrgσ cαtαrαct ѕurgєrч αnd thє dσctσr ѕαíd ѕhє hαѕ tσ prєpαrє αrσund 100T juѕt fσr thє prσcєdurє αlσnє. hmmm, íѕn’t ít α вít σvєrprícєd fσr α ѕímplє prσcєdurє αѕ thαt?

Agonizing Wait


We all have moments when the wait can be agonizing.


For a loved one to come home,
For a result of a major exam,
For a bus,
For a text message or call that never actually came,
For someone to give you a hug,
For a diagnosis,


For whatever reason there may be.

The wait is always agonizing. Patience? It is never one of my virtues but I guess with practice, it makes it close to perfect.

A Day in a MedStudent’s Life


When things get boring as they sometimes will,
When things just don’t go according to what you feel,
This is a time you always have to find some things to do and for me taking pictures of my unsuspecting friends at school is one thing I could always find fun and entertaining.

Writing a blog like this one,
Sometimes very nonsense but letting me get my life back into perspective.
I only let the words flow. I do not think, I do not feel. I only know that my mind and fingers are two interconnected anatomic structures that communicate without me becoming consciously aware of what they are doing and it is fine.

I am this and that.

Gift Messages My Friends Gave to Me

Jaki! Labyu wild cat!! Hahaha.. Thank you so much for the friendship. You are a blessing to me. I am always here for you even if you always have tantrums! Haha (labyu wild cat. Thank you sa friendship jud.. Blessing ka jud sa akoa.. Naa lang ko dire always for you maski magsige ka TANTRUMS! Haha)

– Franz

As you take a glance, by chance on your Christmas tree. I hope you’ll remember me as this violaceous flower dance along the decors, along the flickering lights and the embracing cold nights.

You and just like this present are soft yet transparent. A lady, that would represent a life of struggle. But will fight till the end “never break and never bend.” Yes, it is you my dear friend! Living life to the fullest.

So, something crazy? Crazy is not wearing one of these gifts on Mondays or Thursdays.”

– Frece

Simple gifts, simple things, yet full of meaning.

Thank God for the gift of friends.

Strangers on Board


As we go rushing about our lives, there are times when we will meet people who completely remain strangers but can become significant in their own little ways.

“I can try starting out the engine for you, Miss.”


“Little miss, your bag is open.”

Many times, I have met these kind of people while on board the ferry to and fro the island where I live. I am thankful for them. Thank you I guess will never be enough.

But, here’s a post for all the strangers but have helped me on one way or another.

May God bless you and keep you safe. 😄

Flattering Gift




When someone gives me a gift, regardless of how simple or how extravagant, I always feel the same feeling. It is elation. It is exhilarating. It is immediate high.

It is one thing to give and not expect something in return. But, it is everything when even if you do not expect and you are given a gift still, it’s unforgettable. I am blessed to have this kind of friends.

My Perfect Holidays

Well, I began the usual holiday season with my family around and serving the church. However, fate has brought me to find three persons who have now become very important to me.

We were perfect compliments of each other. “One, too innocent. One, subtly modern. One, a clown. And one, seemingly loving affection most of the time.” (According to the one subtly modern gal I was with).

I went with them on Christmas day. It was only that time that I got close with them. We have no prior meet ups and we have no prior conversations. Fate brought us together or perhaps Someone Higher brought us together.

It was perfect in the sense that we went out and had fun without spending a dime. It was a simple yet very memorable celebration and the only thing that’s evident was the fact that we laughed hard, almost uncontrollably when we were together.

Then on the New Year, part two of this fated reunion came and it was unforgettable, again. January First and it was also a “first”. It was dangerous and risky but full of adventure for me.

It boils down to one thing: my experience this holiday season was one that I would never trade for anything. It made me feel alive and able to do things I wasn’t able to do before. The people I am with cared enough for me to let me experience these things without getting angry at me or scolding me. They were just at my back smiling and supporting me even if things went somewhat haywire.

I just wanted to live as normal as possible. I just wanted people to treat me as normal as possible without telling me “hey, that’s forbidden” “don’t eat that” “don’t drink that” etc, etc. And, these people who I just be with on the holidays made me realize there are things I still need to do and feel.

I was FREE.

If you happen to be reading this guys, thank you from the deepest of my hypothalamus.